DBC Spring Singles Needles (100 count)

Acupuncture needles are only sold to licensed professionals.
If you are a 1st time buyer, please fax a copy of your license to 972.243.0550
or email to DrHanson@EasternMedicineInstitute.com.



The DBC™ Spring Ten needle is manufactured in an automated facility, giving it consistency and quality unrivaled by other needles in the market.
Sterile disposable, surgical stainless steel acupuncture needles with 25 mm “spring” style metal handle.  One needle with one insertion tube, each individually seals blister package.
Needles are secured with plastic holding tab.
100 count per box.
DBC acupuncture needles are made with machine-controlled precision to ensure every needle is finished to the highest quality. The grinding and polishing processes are automatically controlled and have no human intervention, thus ensuring excellent consistency. DBC needles have a micro polished high-tech coated body and optimized needle tip to geometrically ensure smooth painless insertion. The easy grip handles are especially designed with a handle length of up to 25 mm both in pipe handle and spring handle products.

Additional information

Weight .21 lbs
Dimensions 3.25 × 1.87 × 3.87 in