Clinical Acupuncture Orthopedics – Module I

Module I (4 Credit Hours)
It is important to understand the basic theory of Asian medicine so that one can apply those principles in the diagnosis and treatment of their patients. This course will explore the theories that each of have previously learned and apply them to the relationship of conditions presenting pain in your patient. These theories will enhance your abilities to diagnosis your patient better and formulate a proper treatment plan with acupuncture and other adjective treatments.

Headaches – You will learn the treatment of headaches simply by the location of the headache, the Channel that passes through the region where the headache is occurring . Detail discussion will entail with the classification of Asian patterns relating to headaches. Signs & symptoms, treatment principles and specific acupuncture points relating to the pattern being discussed will be presented.

Specific acupuncture points in the treatment of Headaches
Auricular points related to Headache


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