Comprehensive Dry Needling

Location: Columbus, OH – Location to be Announced

Course Outline

Introduction to Dry Needling
Safety guide-lines for needling / Ethics in the treatment of Dry Needling
Superficial Dry Needling Techniques / Deep Dry Needling
Anatomy of the individual & groups of musculatures
Clinical & Physical Examination of Myofascial Pain Syndromes
Myofascial Syndromes of the Thoracic region
Myofascial Syndromes of the Lumbosacral & Gluteal region
Myofascial Syndromes of the Upper Extremity
Myofascial Syndromes of the Lower Extremity
Electrical stimulation of the needle & the different devices
Cupping & Gua Sha techniques in the treatment of Myofascial Syndromes

Demonstrations of examinations, techniques: Needle & non-needle & the applications throughout the course.
Attendees will participate in the application of the techniques & must show proficiency.
Examination at the complication of course.