These test questions will test your knowledge on different categories for the national acupuncture examinations. The practice tests are broken down into several categories.

  1. Basic Theory will test your knowledge on the theory of Yin/Yang, the five elements, the vital substances and their relationships. There is also review of the Zang Fu organs, the extraordinary Fu organs and clean needle technique
  2. Point Location will test your knowledge on where the most common acupuncture points are located with respect to specific body areas and also other acupuncture points. This section will also include particular auricular points.
  3. Point Energetics will test your knowledge on the function of particular acupuncture points individually or as a group of acupuncture points such as Front Mu/Back Shu points.
  4. Treatment of Disease will test your knowledge on particular real-life cases as a patient walks into your office with…. Which acupuncture points would you use to treat this condition.

As with any examination it is difficult to determine what the specific testing agency may or may not ask. This is a review that will help you determine your weaknesses &/or your strengths in preparing for the specific examination you’re taking. The format of these test questions may or may not be the same format utilized by the NBCE or the NCCAOM agencies.

Registration for a particular examination will allow you to take that examination one time. You will be shown the correct answers upon completion of the exam. Test questions are from 25 years of educational and teaching experience.

I wish you well in your endeavors with Acupuncture &/or Chinese Medicine.

Terms & Conditions

Once payment is submitted you will be required to begin the examination and complete the entire examination. There is no re-entry into an examination. Please be prepared to take the entire examination of 50 questions, as the examination is to be completed in one session.

Each specific test is the exclusive property of Eastern Medicine Institute and reproduction is not allowed. No portions of the test may be copied, reproduced or shared in any manner, in part or in whole by any means whatsoever.

You acknowledge that success on a particular examination does not guarantee success with any acupuncture examination from any agency you may take.

Once payment is made there is no refund for any reason.


1 Examination – $25.00
Package of 2 examinations – $45.00
Package of 3 examinations – $65.00
Package of 4 examinations – $85.00
Package of 5 examinations – $100.00

The package discount will be applied automatically to your cart as you add the exams.


Basic Theory

Basic Theory 1
Basic Theory 2

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Point Location

LU / LI / ST
SP / HT / SI 
BL / KI / P 
SJ / GB / LIV 
CV / GV / Extra Points 

Point Energetics (Functions a particular acupuncture points)

Point Energetics 1
Point Energetics 2

Treatment of Disease

Treatment of Disease 1
Treatment of Disease 2

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CM Diagnosis & Zang Fu

CM Diagnosis & Zang Fu 1

CM Diagnosis & Zang Fu 2

Treatment of Disease Advanced

Treatment of Disease Advanced 1

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Treatment of Disease Advanced 2

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