Module VI

1. Liver as a Zang Organ Detailed Study:
• Explore the structure and functions of the Liver in Chinese Medicine (CM).
• Understand the Liver’s role in storing Blood, governing the free flow of Qi, and its connection to various physiological processes.
• Examine the Liver’s relationships with the Heart, Lung, Kidneys, and Spleen channels.
• Understand how imbalances in the Liver can affect these channels and, subsequently, various bodily functions.
2. Gallbladder as a Fu Organ Detailed Study:
• Explore the role of the Gallbladder as a Fu organ in CM, emphasizing its function in storing and secreting bile.
• Understand the Gallbladder’s role in digestion and its relationship with the Liver.
• Examine the dynamic interaction between the Gallbladder and Liver, highlighting the importance of their collaboration in maintaining balance.
3. Etiology/Pathology/CM Diagnosis/Differentiation & Treatment:
• Delve into the etiology and pathology of various Liver and Gallbladder-related conditions, such as hypochondriac pain, jaundice, Shan Qi, tremors, ascites, wind stroke (CVA), epilepsy, convulsions, and abdominal masses.
• Examine the CM diagnostic methods and differentiation strategies for each condition.
• Explore how to identify the underlying patterns and choose appropriate treatment principles.
• Examine acupuncture and herbal treatment strategies for each condition, considering the principles of tonification, sedation, and harmonization.
4. Auricular Related to Seminar Topic:
• Connect auricular acupuncture concepts with Liver and Gallbladder disorders.
• Identify specific auricular points that may enhance or complement the treatment of conditions associated with these organs.
5. Case Presentations:
• Present and discuss cases that highlight the application of CM principles in diagnosing and treating Liver and Gallbladder disorders.
• Emphasize individualized treatment plans based on thorough CM assessments.
6. Final Examination:
• Comprehensive Assessment:
• Conduct a final examination covering the topics discussed in all 6 Modules.
• Assess participants’ understanding of the anatomical, physiological, and energetic aspects of the all of the Zang Fu organs, as well as their ability to apply CM principles to diagnose and treat associated disorders.

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