Module III

1. Spleen as a Zang Organ Detailed Study:
• Explore the anatomical, physiological, and energetic aspects of the Spleen in Chinese Medicine (CM).
• Understand the Spleen’s role in the transformation of food into Qi and Blood, as well as its connection to the digestive system.
2. Stomach as a Fu Organ Detailed Study:
• Focus on the functions of the Stomach as a hollow organ in CM, particularly its role in the initial stages of digestion.
• Explore the Stomach’s relationship with the Spleen and how their synergy is vital for proper digestive processes.
3. Relationship of the Spleen with Channels:
• Examine how the Spleen is connected to the Heart, Liver, Kidneys, and Lung channels in TCM. Understand the intricate network of meridians and their influence on each other.
4. Etiology/Pathology/CM Diagnosis/Differentiation & Treatment:
• Address a variety of disorders related to the Spleen and Stomach.
• Explore the traditional Chinese medicine perspective on abdominal distension, pain, acid reflux, anorexia, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, dysentery, epigastric pain, indigestion, rectal prolapse, regurgitation, and sudden turmoil disorders.
• Discuss the etiology, pathology, and differentiation methods for each condition, along with appropriate treatment strategies.
5. Auricular Related to Seminar Topic:
• Integrate auricular acupuncture concepts related to Spleen and Stomach disorders.
• Explore specific auricular points that may be effective in treating conditions associated with these organs.
6. Case Presentations:
• Discuss real or hypothetical cases that highlight the application of CM principles in diagnosing and treating Spleen and Stomach-related disorders.
• Emphasize the importance of individualized treatment plans based on the patient’s unique constitution and symptoms.
7. Assignment – 1 Detailed Case Study:
• Provide a detailed case study related to the seminar topic, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the Spleen and Stomach, their relationships with other organs, and the application of TCM principles in clinical practice.

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