Module I

  1. Review of the 1st 100-Hour Program:
    • Summarize and revisit the key concepts, techniques, and knowledge covered in the initial 100 hours of the program.
  2. Overview of the 2nd 100-Hour Program:
    • Highlight of the upcoming topics and themes that will be covered in the next phase of the program.
  3. Detailed Study of Chinese Medicine (CM) Principles:
    • Fundamental Substances: Explore the foundational substances in TCM, including Qi, Blood, Body Fluids, Jing (Essence), and Shen (Spirit).
    • Eight Principles: Understand the fundamental principles of Yin/Yang, Exterior/Interior, Cold/Heat, and Deficiency/Excess.
    • Six External Pathogens: Study the factors that can cause disease from the external environment, such as Wind, Cold, Heat, Dampness, Dryness, and Summer Heat.
  4. Clean Needle Technique Review:
    • Reinforce proper and safe acupuncture needle handling, hygiene, and sterilization techniques.
  5. Needling Techniques:
    • Delve into the various needling methods, depths, and manipulations used in acupuncture.
  6. History Taking in Chinese Medicine:
    • Learn the specific questions and considerations involved in obtaining a thorough patient history in the context of Chinese Medicine.
  7. Channel Theory:
    • Explore the concept of meridians &/or channels through which Qi flows, connecting different parts of the body.
  8. 6 Stages and 4 Levels:
    • Understand the progression of disease through the six stages and four levels, a fundamental aspect of TCM diagnosis and treatment.
  9. Tongue & Pulse Diagnosis:
    • Learn how to assess a patient’s health by examining the tongue and pulse, crucial components of TCM diagnostic methods.
  10. Auricular Overview:
    • Provide advanced concepts with auricular acupuncture, which involves stimulating points on the ear for therapeutic purposes.
  11. Combination of Acupuncture Points related to Channel Theory:
    • Understand the strategic selection and combination of acupuncture points based on the principles of channel theory for effective treatment.

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