100 Hour Acupuncture Program – Module I

Introduction of the 100 Hour Acupuncture Program
Overview of the requirements for the NBCE Acupuncture examination
Overview of State of Texas regulations for the practice of Acupuncture
Relationship and benefits of Chiropractic and Acupuncture
Brief History of Chinese Medicine
The Zang Fu Organs 12- Zang and Fu

General Theory
a. Yin – Yang
b. The Five Elements (Phases)
c. The Vital Substances and their relationships
The Extraordinary Fu Organs
Overview of CM techniques
Needles / Moxibustion / Cupping / Gua Sha / Electrical / Laser / Teishen / Seeds / Press tack needles / Herbal

Needle presentation
Sizes of the Needles
Demonstration on needling
Methods of Needling
Needle Companies
Clean Needle Technique
Practice of Clean Needle Technique and Basic Needling
Office setup and presentation
Overview of the Lung Meridian (11 points) and its Internal Channel
Overview of the Large Intestine Meridian (20 points) and its Internal Channel

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